Welcome to the Personal Data Subjects Channel – Peipedê

Here you can exercise your rights as a Data Subject ensured by all applicable laws, such as the LGPD (Law 13,709/2020).

Do you have a query about the rights that the Law ensures?

Access “here” our P&DP Notice or contact the party responsible for processing Suzano’s personal data using the form that you can find on this page.


  • Applicant Identity Validation: The deadline for responding to your request will start from the date validation of your identity, respecting the limits established by the applicable regulations. If validation is not possible, Suzano will contact you through the means available here, and if we do not receive a response within 07 (seven) days, the request will be closed. With that in mind, remember to enter your best contact email.
  • How to track the request: You will receive via email lgpd@Suzano.com.br a unique identifier (ID) after completing your request. If you would like information on the status of your request, please send us an email with your ID number. In addition, we will contact you whenever there are updates on your order.


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● If your request concerns personal data of another individual, you must provide us with a power of attorney, with notarized signature, that authorizes you to exercise the rights on behalf of this Data Subject, as well as add the copy of the third-party requester’s document to this request.
● If your request concerns data on a minor, you must add a copy of the minor’s document and a document, with notarized validity, that proves responsibility for the minor to this request.
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Annexes – Verification of identity

To meet your request and ensure the security of your personal data, Suzano verifies your identity.

To do this as quickly and securely as possible, you must attach a “photo” identifying yourself with full name, holding/presenting an identification document with photo, so that the information on the document is legible for validation purposes.

Identification documents allowed:

  • Social Security Number, Tax Identification Number or driver's license.

If, at the time of validating your identity, there is any inconsistency, Suzano will contact you via your registered e-mail to request additional information.

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Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice.

We value your privacy and the protection of your personal data, therefore, your information will be processed by Suzano in accordance with the provisions of its Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice.